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1. Create a no-fail environment.  Get rid of your "red light" foods.  A "red light" food is one that gives you trouble controlling portions.  After awhile you may be able to bring them back.  Also get rid of the food that is not going to fit into your new lifestyle.

2.  Keep track of what you eat and how much.

3.  Drink your Water. I always carry a water bottle everywhere I go.  If you don't like plain water you might want to try adding lemon or a couple of sprinkles of Crystal light to add a little flavor to the water.  Remember that if you are thirsty you are already dehydrated.

4.  Exercise. To be able to maintain your weight loss you need to incorporate intentional exercise.  Try to find activities that you enjoy because this will make exercise fun.

5.   Take measurements.  Measurements will provide another indicator of your progress.  There were times when the scale was not showing a loss but when I took measurements I found I had lost inches.  If I had not taken measurements I would have been discouraged.

6.  Package your food in single serving bags.  This helps me to control my portions.  When I want some chips I grab a serving and walk out of the kitchen.

7.  Get rid of your clothes as they get too big.  This gets rid of the safety net of having clothes if you gain the weight back.  When you lose weight you have to have the mind set that you will not gain it back.  If you don't, you are allowing opportunities/excuses to go back to your old life-style.  I have kept one pair of jeans that I wore before losing weight,  and put them on every once in awhile for motivation.

8.  Don't deprive yourself.  If you tell yourself you can't have a particular food, then you are going to want it all the more.  It is ok to still have your favorite junk foods, but in moderation and with planning.

9.  Plan.  You have to plan for the events in your life.  When I know I am going out to eat on the weekend for dinner, I eat lower point food earlier in the day and save my flex points.  You also need to plan for the unexpected.  I always carry some food in my purse so if I am out someplace and I am really hungry I have some healthy option to eat.

10.   Take pictures along the way.  I found it easier to see the difference when looking at pictures than by looking in the mirror.  When I looked in the mirror, I saw the same fat person I was before.  I carry my before picture with me to help remind myself that I don't want to go back there.  The picture also helps me to make wiser decisions.